Learn to evaluate the resources of Bachus

Vines horseback ridingIt’s done like this. First you write us and tell you wish for a wine tasting.

Then a professional taster takes you into the wine-growing secrets. He teaches you how to saunter the wine in the glass, how to bring it up to the base of your tongue where the bitter taste buds are, how to feel its wonderful bouquet, then a small piece of cheese is served to you in order to forget what taste the first drop of wine had and you start again.

You won’t leave until you’ll know why in a wine cellar they set two types of glasses on the table, why a superb bowl thrones above them, what wine to drink with steak or refreshments and what temperature each of them must have.

The wine tastings held in a rustic atmosphere within Dobrudgean Cellar or Terente’s Basement will be seasoned upon your preferences with equestrian travel, Macin Mountains National Park or North Dobrudgea monasteries.

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