Where to go next month: Apulum, Alba County

Apulum CastrumWhy ? Because:

A. you’re a heritage lover;

B. you heard about the White Vauban citadel and the forbidden city;

C. in the city of Union, when people dig up to build water treatment plants they uncover more than 1,800-year old Roman marble or lime mortar sealed sarcophagi (one was intact defying the treasure hunters !), walls and hundreds of tiny pieces;

D. the Roman castrum of Apulum, the largest fortress in Roman Dacia, which construction started under Emperor Hadrianus (probably about 125 AD) was for over one century without interruption the headquarters of Legio XIII Gemina;

E. the stories of the archaeologists can be accompanied by dinning in an old cellar, private transfer via Transalpina (only if weather spoils you) and other customized activities.

Start making your own arrangements or take the easiest way: contact us ! Free tips included.