Savoury gift baskets

WoodBoxYou can spend the evening in having a romantic home-cooked dinner with your old, new or soon-to-be love. No standing in line, no rushing to make restaurant reservations. Simply tell us your choice. And imagine how grateful he / she will be for someone as thoughtful as you.

  • Meat Lover: selection of products for meat lovers including recipes – EUR 152
  • Pasta Artisan: everything you need for homemade pasta – EUR 207
  • Mild Asia: essential products, special ingredients and recipes for authentic Asian-style cooking – EUR 224
  • Hot Asia: cook like Asians do with the hottest pepper in the world – EUR 245
  • Chocolate Lover: for those who love to play with chocolate and impress with ganache, macaroons and iced-coffee – EUR 199
  • Chocolate Artist: Chocolate Lover Box plus delicate decorations – EUR 250
  • Chocolate & Gold: for spectacular desserts covered with eatable gold leaves of 22 Kts – EUR 306

The fir wood boxes with rope shafts and fusty pressed are handmade in Transylvania but complimentary express delivered all over Romania.

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