Looking for gold and silver treasures ?

Silver CoinsWhat could be of interest in a former Posts Palace ? Yes, the architecture is nice, the extensive gallery spaces are now showcasing tens of kilograms of gold and silver dating from ancient times until last century, the “Lapidarium – The copy of the Trajan’s Column” and some temporary exhibitions. So what ? Well, if you listen the stories behind the exhibits…

After 2003 at Sarmizegetusa Regia – the last capital city of the free Dacia – the members of some criminal rings illegally detected and dug a large treasure, including: 49 coins (25 kg of drachmas belonging to the sole silver Dacian issue that bears a legend written in Greek characters on their back, mentioning the name of the King Koson, one of Burebista’s successors, circa 44 – 29 B.C., who ordered the coin minting), a lysimach gold coin treasure (30 kg), five royal iron shields, 11 gold spiral bracelets and two bronze tables containing the laws of the Romanian city of Troesmis Dobrogea.

Trespassed across the border and then sold, they were uncovered in 2011 among the items that made the object of money laundering on the international antiques market, recuperated from United States and at the beginning of the summer of 2013 finally showcased within the National Museum of Romanian History.

As if this was not impressive enough the largest treasure of silver coins discovered in our country popped up in September near Ramnicu Valcea.

Weighting 54.7 kg, the collection of Ottoman silver coins dating back to 15th century will be displayed as soon as the museum’s experts will end to identify and analyze the coins.

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