I’m getting wine licensed in Romania

LWAYour secret wish: to show off your wine expertise as the ultimate wine sommelier. What golden little fish told us: for one magnificent week, wine lovers dream lives on in the South of Romania.
After a private transfer near capital, you will discover 15 different types of wine from Feteasca Alba to Shiraz. Learn how to describe and recognize white, rose and red wines and tour through the wine production and vineyard with the wine maker. Blind wine-tastes with black glasses and blind smell tastes with many typical wine-flavours are paired with some savoury Romanian specialties such as ham, cheese and bread from Buzau region.
A full day is dedicated to the top restaurant etiquette. As starters: Champagne, Sparkling, Rose (definition, tradition and types). Find out how to choose the right wine to the right food, how to order, serve, store and transport wines correctly. Delight your palate with four dishes (starter, fish, meat, chocolate dessert) served with paired wines.
Then return to the vineyard for an incursion into the world wine regions, classification and characteristics. Get knowledge of “Old World” against “New World” and how to detect the differences. The tasting of typical wines from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and USA ends with you getting your Wine Academy Diploma.
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