Epic Journeys with the Legendary Royal Train

TrenulRegalOne of the finest luxury experiences in Romania is an epic journey aboard the ornate carriages of the legendary Royal Train, either:
ü        to Snagov – where Vlad Tepes (the Impaler) was buried, the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu had his palace and Michael Jackson was accommodated during the 1992 Dangerous World Tour – prices start from EUR 10,107 per 2 guests or only EUR 12,852 per 30 guests (inclusive of gourmet lunch on Snagov lakeshore),
ü        or across Walachia, in a breathtaking getaway on Prahova Valley, featuring guided access inside the Peles fairy-tale alike castle from Sinaia, the pearl of the Carpathian Mountains, and a feast at the Outlaw’s Hut whose excellence in Romanian culinary tradition is worldwide recognized – prices start from EUR 20,007 per 2 guests or only EUR 23,445 per 30 guests (exclusive of luxury accommodation and local transfers).
Built to standards expected by European royalty in 1928, by Ernesto Breda (Milan) for King Ferdinand I, the Romanian princely train ROYAL has fully furnished luxury carriages finished with materials from the most expensive, such as:
ü       the finest Spanish Cordoba leather for chairs and armchairs coverings;
ü       walnut, rose, cherry and mahogany wood veneer for tables, chairs, doors and panels;
ü       the highest quality hand-made Murano glass and Bohemian crystal for wall lamps and Venetian-style mirrors;
ü       Greece alabaster statuettes and decorative objects.
In 1935, in Bucharest (at Baneasa) a private train station was constructed exclusively for the Romanian Royal Family and 4 years later another one in Sinaia – become an important station for the Royal Train due to the journeys for the summer retreats at Peles Castle (built by King Charles I in 1875, in the German Renaissance style; then the first castle in Europe with electricity and central heating; now the sixth most spectacular castle in the world). Neo-Romanian-style stone building, Sinaia Royal Station, had on it, at that time, the regalia of Charles II and still has in the main saloon a square life-size mural painting depicting a princely hunt of wild boars, with 8 personages on horseback, inscripted in Latin: Basarab Voivode XIV century. Here it is hosted the Exhibition of Railway Replicas. A well-kept steam locomotive is exposed to view outside.
Important part of the European heritage – that survived both the Second World War and the rigour of communism – carefully restored to keep its patrimony value, this iconic train preserves the original appearance and elegance of those times and although it is a steam train its running speed varies from 30 to 242 kilometers per hour. Charles II and his lover Helene Lupesco went into exile to Spain by this train. The superb dinning saloon was the quiet witness of the last lunch on the territory of Romania the King Michael I had while leaving the country in January 1948. Later it was used for getting in the Northern Transylvania for hunting laps by Nikita Khrushchev and Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej in 1955, and then by the former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his hunting guests of honor: Josip Broz Tito (1967), Todor Jivkov (1976), Leonid Brezhnev (1976) and Erich Honecker (1977). In 1975, the president of the United States, Gerald Ford and the state secretary Henry Kisinger traveled together with Nicolae Ceausescu to Sinaia for the lunch at the Peles Castle where THE CLAUSE OF THE MOST FAVORED NATION was settled to be granted to Romania. This legendary ornate train captures the vintage luxury essence creating the perfect backdrop for a variety of fine retro experiences:
ü        private lavish rail tours or romantic wedding journeys to Snagov or Sinaia,
ü        whimsical photo, video-clips or movie shootings (for advertising campaigns or fashion magazines),
ü        birthday celebrations with timeless fragrance,
ü        stylish launchings or presentations,
ü        unforgettable moments from your company history (such as major contracts’ signing)
ü        bonding sessions with your most precious business partners.
To feel like King Charles you are invited to stay in the same hotel where His Majesty and other imperial and royal families of Europe stayed, to walk within his winter residence in Bucharest, then arrive at the train station by a vintage car, where staff dressed in epoch costumes and a brass band military march will officially welcome you. From here the legendary iconic Royal steam train will take you for a private concert to His Majesty’s summer residence, one of the most beautiful castles in Europe and one of the most modern at those times. Aboard, attentive personnel will serve you a sumptuous lunch while a fiddler will tickle your ears with his music.
You are absolutely free to create your own experience based on the above suggested ingredients or on proposals following your personal interests, curiosities and level of activity. Black out dates may apply. These special rates are subject to availability at time of booking. To take advantage of this great opportunity, find out more about the full list of possible inclusions and receive a price according to your tailored experience, kindly contact us at luxeven at azzurytt dot com.