Drive a supercar on the Carpathians’ roads

Dacia DusterEverywhere you look, it’s happening. Leaves changing. Yes, it’s about that time again, when you just want to get in the car and drive. And not stop until you hit the most idyllic place you can imagine. Happens every year.

Except that this time, you’re going to be doing the whole thing for real… in Romania… as locals do: behind the wheel of their Dacia Duster supercar.

After you whet your appetite with an impressive driving experience at one of the most picturesque backdrops in Eastern Europe, you will enjoy garden fresh cuisine as well as cooking and wine pairing hands on class, plus a behind the scenes tour. It only seems right.

Crucial stops at remote boutique hotels or guesthouses spread in the Carpathian Mountains can be further added. Along with all the traditional dining that comes with them.

Costs start at EUR 153 / day / car (inclusive of travel assistance).

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