Create your own rare-sighted butterfly

Sabah_-Green_Dragontail_(3306498567) TB  LINK1530Children of all ages, come access a unique selection of 32 rare-sighted and appealing butterflies from Columbia, southern Asia or Philippine Archipelago !

Both „Lamproptera meges Zinken-Sommer”, a day-flying species endemic to south-eastern Asia (from north-eastern India to southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines) and „Papilio elwesi Leech Specie”, endemic to some hardly-accessible mountainous regions in southern and south-western China are on display in this permanent digital exhibition.

We guarantee you’ll notice even the details not visible to the naked eye, due to the displaying method they used. Not to mention you’ll be able to create your own butterflies to print on what you wish from the umbrella of your dad or your favorite T-shirt to badges to give as gifts for Christmas.

And if worry about how to spend the rest of the day, go see the augmented reality framework set up in the paleontology hall and find out more about the dinosaurs world.

Pack your items for imprint !

From EUR 15 per guest