Capital escape

Unirii SquareBucharest is home to some of the greatest museums in Romania and even if you only have a weekend at disposal to unearth its intriguing history, this intensive experience will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the city’s artistic heritage.
At the Winter Palace it is all about art. Former residence for King Charles I during cold months, the superb palace from the capital’s heart is now hosting the National Art Museum. To enjoy its best you should come on the third weekend of the month so access to the Voivodes’ Stairs, Throne Hall and Royal Dining Room be granted to you before taking the highlights tour: medieval icons, Constantin Brancusi sculptures, Romanian artists, European art. If you’re in Bucharest before the end of September and have a taste for fine traditional cuisine, we suggest you to stop by the Village Museum for cooking and tasting sessions. The open air museum on Herastrau lakeshore has the best range of preserved rural peasants’ buildings in the country, from dug-out homes with vegetables growing on the roof to windmills from the Danube Delta. Except summer season, in the evening you are invited to open your heart for a night of world-class opera. Lodge seats with excellent view of stage await you and private concerts can be arranged on request.
World second largest administrative building. So large, so busy, so important that you will never know exactly which halls will be shown to you. One thing is for sure: if you only want your sunset coffee on top of this stunning palace – built from the order of the dictator president Nicolae Ceausescu, but reflecting the artistry of Romanian architects and artisans – don’t stay in line. We know the other entrance. In the afternoon what can be more appealing than a walk through the oldest park of Bucharest, created by a Viennese landscapist ? Real oasis of tranquility and peace, it impresses with its colorful sweet scented flowers and protected trees but also with the peacocks, ducks and swans living here. Would be this the reason to be considered the seventh most appreciated park in Europe ?
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