Go on photo safari on the highest of Romania’s roads

Transfagarasan Highway
Route includes the spectacular highways, summer open only, of Transfagarasan (2,042 m – the most beautiful and crazy in the world) and Transalpina (2,145 m) as well as long stops in the eighth most idyllic place of Europe (Sibiu – European Cultural Capital in 2007) and Arefu Village (where Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia filmed in 2012 scenes from “What About Love”).
Built 2000 years ago by the Romans when they invaded Dacia, Transalpina (2,145 m) became practicable in 1930, under the reign of Carol II, when it was cobblestoned (this being the reason for which the locals are calling it “The King’s Road”) and it was rebuilt during World War II by German troops. During the communist regime, to surpass its incredible fairy-tale scenery, the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu ordered to be built a strategic military route across the tallest Romanian Carpathian Mountains (Fagaras), to expedite mobilization in the event of a Soviet invasion.
And Transfagarasan (2,042 m) appeared ! With its 90 km of twists, narrow viaducts, dimly lit tunnels and hairpin turns that skim the edges of plunging cliffs, it is considered one of the world’s most spectacular and craziest road ways, being quoted with 3 stars in the Michelin Green Guide.
Naturally, film makers were attracted here more than once (in the last three years): Jeremy Clarkson, the cheeky host of British automotive show Top Gear (who said that “is the best road… in the world”, title he previously gave to the Stelvio Pass in Italy), “Ghost Rider” Hollywood crew and Oscar winner Nicholas Cage for the motorcycle stunt scenes in the movie…
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