2 days: Tomis with wine tasting

View from Mahmudiye Mosque 1530Very soon, you will be seeing Bucharest and Constanta (founded by Greeks under the name of Tomis) from your comfortable seat.
This will happen either because:
a. You’re streaming some very impressive live feeds about Romania to your TV.
b. We’re getting you some damn-good-looking experiences in both these cities:
  • half day in Bucharest (~ Victory Avenue, where rich locals at the beginning of the last century used to take strolls on weekends, now they come mostly from Monday to Friday for brands shopping; Parliament Palace, the second largest administrative building in the world after Pentagon; Union and University Squares) 
  • half day in Constanta (~Touristic Harbor and Casino which were settings for “The Brothers Bloom” (2007) with Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz that received 3 nominations; ~ old city center; ~ Mahmudiye Mosque; ~ if you come at the right time you can even enjoy the Marine’s Day Celebrations)
  • view of the valuable wine museum exhibits before being invited on the vineyard terrace – with furniture and parquet made to order from old wine cellar barrels and light fittings made of grape stalk – to taste some of the over 300 exquisitely cooked temptations (including the seasoned mutton sausage, fried zander slices or shuberek meat pie) while the traditional folk band and dancers delight your souls.
This is great experience for kids too – we’re just replacing the awarded wine with fruits natural syrup !
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